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A hand holding a set of keys about to drop them onto another hand with a house in the background.Program Summary

The Housing Authority of Yamhill County (HAYC) was established January 10, 1951, by resolution of the Yamhill County Board of Commissioners. HAYC operates as an independent local government agency under federal and state law. HAYC is governed by a five-member Board of Commissioners who are appointed by the Yamhill County Commissioners.

The mission of HAYC is to provide the opportunity for decent, safe, and affordable housing to individuals and families in our community and opportunities to position themselves for success.

In order to fulfill this mission, HAYC has established the following objectives:

  • Create dynamic partnerships that contribute to the development of vibrant communities.
  • Provide support that respects the dignity and inherent worth of every person.
  • Invest in programs that position eligible individuals and families for success in life, including home ownership education. When people have a place to call home, they are better able to pursue opportunities and position themselves for success.
  • Serve as a one-stop information resource for affordable housing opportunities in our community.
  • Further the revitalization of the community through maintenance and rehabilitation of existing housing as well as through the development of new housing options.
  • Maximize the utilization of available funds to assist eligible individuals and families.
  • Adapt quickly and effectively to the changing economic landscape, regulations, and resources in order to remain a high performing agency.

In an effort to fulfill these objectives, HAYC with partnering non-profit agency, the Yamhill County Affordable Housing Corporation (YCAHC), administers a number of housing programs utilizing federal, state and/or local funds.

Family Housing. We currently own or manage 299 family housing units.

  • Deskins Commons was completed in July 2014. This 56 unit complex has 11 one-bedroom, 37 two-bedroom, and 8 three-bedroom units.

  • Tice Park was opened in early 1994 as our first affordable housing development (households between 50-80 percent of median income).  Located in McMinnville, this 88‑unit apartment complex has 60 two-bedroom and 28 three-bedroom units.  Tice Park was financed by our offering of revenue bonds.

  • Woodside Park was acquired in 1996 when we expanded our affordable housing inventory with the purchase of Silverado Inn in Newberg.  Renamed Woodside Park, this complex provides 84 two‑bedroom units in Yamhill County’s second largest city.  Like Tice Park, this complex was financed through revenue bonds.

  • Haworth Terrace apartments in Newberg were acquired in 1999.  This 38-unit apartment complex has 18 one-bedroom and 20 two-bedroom units.  Using funds received from the State of Oregon, we were able to rehabilitate and maintain the affordable rent structure of Haworth Terrace.

  • Sunflower Park Apartments is a 33-unit multi-family apartment complex in McMinnville that was ready for occupancy on February 1, 2006. The project includes 6 units designated as "Transitional Housing" for persons moving out of the emergency housing shelter program run by YCAP, the local community action agency. There are a total of 15 2-bedroom units and 18 3-bedroom units, plus a large community center and other amenities. Funding for Sunflower Park comes through Oregon Housing & Community Services and includes Federal Housing Low Income Housing Tax Credits. As such it will be owned by a limited partnership, of which the Housing Authority will be one of the general partners. The Housing Authority manages the property.

Special Needs Housing. We currently own 42 units of special needs housing.

  • Bridges is a six-unit apartment complex in McMinnville for the chronically mentally ill that was built in 1999 through financing by a private mortgage and a grant from the Federal Home Loan Bank. Bridges tenants are selected by the Yamhill County Mental Health Department and their staff provides support services for residents.

  • A combination of loans and grants from the State of Oregon financed Homeport, a 12‑unit complex in McMinnville that provides affordable housing to developmentally disabled and chronically mentally ill individuals.  The first residents moved in July of 1996.

  • Sunnyside Apartments is a fifteen-unit apartment complex that was completed in McMinnville in the spring of 2004 to provide housing for persons with serious and persistent mental illness. A combination of loans and grants from the State of Oregon helped to finance this property.  The project is alcohol- and drug-free, and the residents receive case management from the Yamhill County Mental Health Department.

  • Hendricks Place is an 8-unit apartment community for developmentally disabled individuals that was completed on July 1, 2005. All eight units are one-bedroom units and Hendricks Place is run in conjunction with support services oversight from Families United for Independent Living (FUFIL).

  • New Reflections is a 5-bedroom house constructed in 2009 for women with children enrolled in substance treatment with the Yamhill County Chemical Dependency Program.

Senior Housing. We currently own or manage 190 units of senior housing.

  • In 2002, we acquired Riverside Terrace in Sheridan.  This 27-unit apartment complex has 14 one-bedroom apartments and 13 two-bedroom apartments.  Using funds received from USDA-Rural Development and the State of Oregon, we were able to rehabilitate and maintain the affordable rent structure of Riverside Terrace.  Units are rented to low-income families who are elderly or disabled.

  • In May 2005, the Housing Authority purchased Vittoria Square Apartments, a 43-unit elderly and disabled complex in Newberg, as a preservation property in cooperation with the U.S. Department of Agriculture (Rural Development) and the Oregon Department of Housing and Community Services. The property receives a long-term subsidy from Rural Development. Vittoria Square has 38 units of 1-bedroom apartments and five 2-bedroom apartments. Vittoria Square has a community building with a large community space, an office and a laundry facility available to all residents.

  • In 2006, the Housing Authority purchased Palmer Creek Apartments, a 10-unit elderly and disabled complex in Dayton, as a preservation property in cooperation with the U.S. Department of Agriculture (Rural Development). The property receives a long-term subsidy from Rural Development.

  • In September 2008, the Housing Authority purchased Heritage Place Apartments, a 60-unit elderly complex in McMinnville, as an expiring use tax credit preservation property. The purchase was made through short-term conventional financing backed by the proceeds from the Low Rent Public Housing unit sales.

  • Village Quarter was completed in September 2008 and includes over 9400 square feet of retail and commercial space on 3rd street in historic downtown McMinnville and 50 apartments for senior citizens in the upper floors. Construction includes several environmentally friendly, “Green’ features including rainwater harvesting for use in the building, a green roof as well as energy efficient HVAC and lighting systems. Funding for Village Quarter comes through Oregon Housing & Community Services and includes Federal Housing Low Income Housing Tax Credits. As such it will be owned by a limited partnership, of which the Housing Authority will be one of the general partners. The Housing Authority manages the property.

Farmworker Housing.  We currently own 54 housing units for farmworker families.

  • Fresa Park consists of 22 units built in 1992 located in Dayton (14 units), McMinnville (six units) and Newberg (two units).  The Fresa Park Development was financed through a loan/grant package from the USDA – Rural Development.

  • Abbey Heights is a 32-unit housing development in Lafayette which opened in July 1998.  Abbey Heights was funded using tax credits and funding from the State of Oregon.

Ready to Rent©. HAYC offers this training program to low income families in Yamhill County. The six session program is designed to help families overcome screening barriers and become more successful renters.

Rent Guarantee Funds. This grant funded resource offers landlords the opportunity to apply for funds to cover unpaid rent and damage claims at move out if the family is a graduate of the Ready to Rent© program.

Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher (Section 8) Program.  This program allows eligible families to find their own rental unit in the existing housing market.  The family pays a portion of the rent and utilities (equal to 30 percent of their adjusted monthly income), and the HAYC pays the landlord the balance of the rent.  HAYC has a contract with HUD which provides funds for the Section 8 program.

Section 8 Landlord Orientation. HAYC offers training and information to Section landlords to ensure program success and integrity. Topics include the lease-up process, Housing Quality Standards (HQS) information, and the tenant termination process.

Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) Program.   The Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) program is a voluntary program for families of the HAYC’s Section 8 program. FSS is designed to help families become financially independent of welfare systems and to become economically self-sufficient.

Grand Ronde Tribal Housing Authority (GRTHA) Voucher Program. This pilot program is a cooperative effort between HAYC and the Grand Ronde Tribal Housing Authority. This tenant based assistance allows tribal members rental opportunities throughout Yamhill County. All participating families must enroll in a family self-sufficiency program offered by HAYC.

Homeownership.  Wherever you are on the path of home ownership, we offer a wide variety of programs and resources to assist you.

  • Our Resource Center offers counseling for anything that relates to being, or aiming to be a homeowner: credit repair, financial literacy classes, pre-purchase counseling, and the ABC's of Homeownership classes. The Resource Center is located in HAYC's office building and provides two (2) computer consoles for Internet access as well as brochures to help you find a job, seek education, and pursue housing needs.

  • Our Home-Buying Program's ultimate goal is to provide homes at an affordable price. We partner with the Yamhill County Affordable Housing Corporation, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, to turn homes around and first offer them to our clients working toward self-sufficiency and homeownership. If we don't find a match, we then place the real estate on the open market. The Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP) is a similar program operated directly by HAYC to provide homes for low-income homebuyers.

  • The Housing Choice Voucher Homeownership (HCVH) Program assists families with mortgage payments to purchase a home of their own. The regulations and funding are similar to the Section 8 program.

  • Our Housing Rehabilitation Program helps low to moderate income homeowners in Yamhill County make necessary repairs to their homes. We offer 0% interest, deferred payment loans to homeowners with low income and 2% installment loans to moderate income homeowners. .

  • The Valley Individual Development Account (VIDA) Program provides opportunity and support for clients working toward self-sufficiency by matching $1.00 of your money with $3.00 from this specially funded program ... up to a maximum match of $9,000.00. These funds can help individuals reach goals of homeownership, home repairs, and post-secondary education.

  • If you are facing Foreclosure on your home, we are here for you. We are a State Approved Counseling Center funded through Oregon Housing and Community Services and the Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services. We provide one-on-one counseling and assistance working with mortgage services.

  • From time-to-time we also serve as a local intake agency for Hardest Hit Funds or related programs like the Mortgage Payment Assistance (MPA) Program.

We take pride in the fact we are truly a helping agency.  We try to deliver services in an environment which respects the dignity of every person and minimizes the public institutional nature of the housing services we provide.  It is our philosophy that housing is more than just a roof overhead.  It is person-centered.  It promotes general health and well-being and encourages participants to share in the responsibility for that health.




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